As an interactive learning community focused on equipping Christian disciples, China Graduate School of Theology is committed to upholding the evangelical Christian faith while staying in touch with our current social and cultural milieu. Theological education has always been for us a dynamic spiritual movement beyond an academic institution: cultivating servant-leaders for the kingdom of God, undertaking the holistic mission in partnership with the Chinese Church, bearing witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ, and for the transformation of our Father’s world.

Rooted in Hong Kong, Committed to China

CGST follows the calling from God to be stationed in Hong Kong with an unswerving commitment to China. We seek to serve the Chinese churches, both mainland and overseas, with fervent dedication and humble faithfulness. Our task is to shape future leadership in theological education, church and ministries. By exploring how the Christian gospel may constructively be contextualized in contemporary China, we endeavor to facilitate the Chinese Christian community at large to make a profound and effective impact through our practice of the evangelical faith for the renewal of society and culture.

Uphold the evangelical faith and embrace the missional mandate

CGST subscribes to the evangelical heritage of our Christian faith as the foundation of our school. In this unsettled time of chaos and disorder, fear and anxiety, we confess that the hope and salvation for our world remains to be found only in the revealed truth of the Bible and the redemptive grace of Jesus Christ. The gospel in essence requires an inseparable continuity between truthful proclamations and faithful practices by the Church, and hence we strive to develop kingdom servants to become passionately devoted in their calling to profess as well as living out the whole gospel for the whole world.

Shaping holistic pastors and nurturing spiritual leaders

CGST is convinced that the godly characters of all spiritual and pastoral leaders must be genuinely manifested in an integral and holistic life. It is through vigorous scholarship, spiritual formation, and fieldwork practicum that we are determined to equip for the Chinese Church an emerging generation of servant-leaders who are mature with visionary insights, prudent yet resolute in actions, conjoining wisdom with loving-kindness, perceptive but humble, and ready to undertake commitment even at the cost of self-sacrifice.

Pursuing scholarly excellence and rising to the challenges of our times

CGST emphasizes the pursuit of strenuous scholarship with an open, critical and forward-looking orientation. Indebted to the dogmatic legacy of our ecclesiastical sages in their ‘faith seeking understanding’ attempts, we aspire to venture an evangelical systematic approach to theological thinking for our Chinese Church. This comprises contextualizing our Christian gospel in different arenas of our current situation, rising to the various cries and challenges of our times, and exploring new and creative paradigms for our faith and work.


Updated on September 2017.