Culture Collection

China Graduate School of Theology acquired this collection from the Christian Study Centre on Chinese Religion & Culture (CSCCRC) in the year 2000, named it as “Culture Collection”.

The Cultural Collection provides more than 8,000 Chinese and English books and 330 old periodicals published from the 19th century to the 21st century. It covers Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism, philosophy, Chinese and foreign history, sociology, political science and literature, thus providing in-depth help for users who study religion, philosophy and history. 

The materials of this collection are indicated by a prefix "Cul." or suffix "Cul. Per." to the call number, and a yellow label is also affixed to the spine for identification. Most materials are kept in the rolling stacks on the 1/F of the library and only books can be borrowed. Books stored in closed stacks and journals should be used in the library only.

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Culture Collection