Ecumenical Information Network (EIN)

Ecumenical Information Network (EIN) was established in March 1995 in Hong Kong. Its mission is to share information and library resources among Christian organizations in Hong Kong. Since August 1995, EIN has been operating as a network of theological and Christian libraries in Hong Kong. Currently, there are 5 full members in EIN:

  1. Alliance Bible Seminary
  2. China Graduate School of Theology
  3. Evangel Seminary
  4. Holy Spirit Seminary College
  5. Lutheran Theological Seminary

Through the cooperation and networking of EIN members, EIN has established EIN Library Catalog through which the library users can access 5 theological libraries in one search. At present, EIN Library Catalog has over 510,000 records, and it is the largest theological library catalog in Hong Kong. In the near future, when we have more members and the member libraries finish their retrospective conversion, EIN Library Catalog's records will be the largest Chinese theological library catalog in the world.

Looking to the future, there are three directions for EIN development:

First, EIN will invite other theological libraries, especially the seminary libraries to join our network. In this information age, every community in the society needs information support for further development; otherwise that community will diminish. The Church, as a community in the society, really needs similar support; otherwise it is difficult for her to bear witness to Christ in the information age. Therefore, EIN is gathering the information resources of various organizations and seminaries in order to become an information centre for the churches in Hong Kong. This centre is vital for the future development of theological education in Hong Kong. At the same time, EIN also hopes that through this sharing of information and library resources, inter-flows and cooperation at other level can be developed among the organizations and seminaries. The more we cooperate, the more united the churches of Hong Kong will be.

Secondly, EIN will be more open to the Christian community. At present, member libraries are providing evening dialup access to their library users. In the near future, we would like to provide access to our catalog for all Christians in Hong Kong. Moreover, EIN plans to put the catalog on Internet, serving local churches as well as the Chinese churches in Mainland China, Taiwan and overseas.

Thirdly, EIN will acquire more electronic information products and better utilize Internet. As more information is in electronic format and on the Internet, EIN will study and introduce those information that related to Christianity for the Hong Kong churches.

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